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"I have known Malia professionally now for several years. I was experiencing severe osteo-arthritis pain, but had never tried acupuncture. A friend recommended Malia, and she was extremely professional and patient with me. I'm not cured but definitely not suffering as I was before.

Then I got cancer!

No doctor, no therapist, no one, has helped me as much as Malia. In addition to treatment for all my new problems like anxiety, diet, pain, circulation, you name it, she was a tremendous and continuous moral support. I've learned so much from her, I can't even describe everything she does to bring about improvements to my physical and mental health. She was and continues to be an angel to me.

I cannot recommend Malia highly enough."

—Wayne O.

"Leaving every visit with Malia, I always feel very relaxed and like I've done something really good for myself. With ten years of getting acupuncture in the city, I enjoyed going to Malia the best. She is very good at sharing her observations about your chi and explaining what it all means. She also always links in her observations with things you can do at home (mostly dietary) to help balance yourself. Lastly, she is very calming and gentle and makes it very easy to relax."

—Rachel K.

"I work in health care so I am very picky about health care practitioners and Malia is at the top of my list. She is thorough and gentle. She is very detail oriented and listens carefully to see if anything you tell her will impact her treatment plan for you. Although she has treated me for minor ailments, like congestion or general pain, she really shines when you need her for more major things as well. I went to her both while I was pregnant to deal with lovely pregnancy issues like edema and fatigue and she was there during my labor to help me with anything that may come up. I can not say enough about her help!"

—Makani S.

"Malia helped me with many issues (blood pressure, morning sickness, etc) and has prescribed Chinese herbals which did wonders. I am pregnant thanks to the help of Malia!"

—Lauren S.